Institute for Marine Research

Instructor Development Philippines can offer you a unique opportunity to combine your IDC with a Marine Research Assistant internship. With IDP and our sister company Institute for Marine Research (IMR) you can experience the highest level of Instructor Development Courses, mixed with the most cutting edge training in Marine Conservation Science. As a graduating Instructor for IMR, not only will you gain the capacity to function in a research capacity, you will become a member of the Institutes dive team with the opportunity to lead dive courses in three different professional environments. This program is for motivated individuals who wish to make a dramatic step in their career, and become leading professionals in the world of diving and marine conservation science.

The Institute for Marine Research is a grassroots non-profit organization that aims to conduct long-term and fine-scale research on coastal marine ecosystems, using this scientific evidence to educate, transform and encourage locally led marine conservation strategies within the Philippines.

The Dauin Municipality Long-Term Reef Monitoring Project has been designed with the purpose of tracking fine-scale changes in the overall reef community over time. Using the newest technology like the Diver Operated Stereo Video System for fish density, mapping and measurements and 3D Reef Modelling we are front runners in Marine Research in the Philippines.

Project AWARE

Philippines is the third worst plastic polluter of our oceans, so the coastal areas nationwide need all the help they can get. A worldwide single use plastic mindset is becoming more criticized and innovation is key to preventing the growth of the problem. However there is a large amount of damage done already.

At IDP we believe in inspiring new PADI Pro’s with the right attitude towards the environment so they will transfer this passion into their students. All of our Divemaster and IDC candidates get the chance to organize a Dive Against Debris event.

Liquid Dumaguete’s House Reef Mainit has been adopted since 2016 as one of the beta testers of the Adopt a Dive Site program. Since then we do monthly Dives Against Debris on the reef recovering large amounts of debris. In total Instructor Development Philippines, Liquid and Atmosphere, have collected and reported over 3,280 pieces of debris. Realistically this number would be much higher as all of our staff and students are trained to collect debris on every dive they do. But for now this is 5% of the contribution of the entirety of the Philippines!

Prevent trash from ending up in the ocean

Next to debris collection underwater IDP is trying to prevent trash from ending up in the ocean. This year IDP has started to organize weekly beach cleanups on their beachfronts as the amount of plastics washing up on shore and disappearing back into the ocean is constant. Every other week we visit the beaches around Atmosphere and the alternate week we clean up the beaches around Liquid. Both beaches offer a wide range of ‘treasures’ that disappear into our recyclable trash collection bags. On an average cleanup we find around 8kg of debris in 45 minutes. Our bags get filled with straws, piles of slippers, large amounts of Styrofoam and obviously the plastic sachets. The Philippines has a ‘sachet mentality’. Every single cosmetic or cleaning product, snack and beverage comes in a small plastic sachet. Within both resorts we have banned all plastic straws and use metal or biodegradable straws made out of a plant-based plastic instead.

We do see signs of improvement in our area though, as we fill fewer sacks every time. Soon we hope to be able to expand our efforts to other areas around Dauin. Our weekly beach cleanups get a great response from the local community and the general public. We even found large sacks filled with beach debris assembled for us, ready to be picked up. I hope that by showing the right example that we encourage a more environmentally friendly way of living and participation in our events.

Anyone can join our beach cleanups at Instructor Development Philippines free of charge. Every Monday at 9AM we welcome our volunteers at Atmosphere Resort and Liquid Dumaguete. For the specific details you can find more information on our Events on our Facebook page ‘Instructor Development Philippines’. Our monthly Dive Against Debris events are published on our Liquid Dumaguete Facebook page. For a minimal donation towards the MPA’s any certified diver can join the underwater cleanups.

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