Resort facilities

IDP has two wonderful resorts both offering dedicated training areas and situated on the beach front in Dauin. Our IDC program is split between the two Career Development Centers giving all our candidates the unique opportunity to witness how two very different PADI 5* CDC Dive Resorts are run.

Liquid has two fulltime Course Directors, one IDC Staff Instructor & Technical Dive Instructor, two MSDT, one OWSI and four PADI Divemasters offering a wide range of languages.

Atmosphere has one alumni Course Director, two Master Instructors, three IDC Staff Instructors, two MSDT, three OWSI’s and six Divemasters with a wide range of language skills.

Both resorts have pool side and beach front restaurants and bars where you will be fed nutritious food throughout your IDC program. During your IDC you can either stay in our apartments at IDP Base or if you prefer a bit more luxury then you can stay at either Atmosphere or Liquid. Both of our resorts can offer you onsite accommodation.



At IDP we believe in state of the art teaching materials. Each IDC candidate gets access to a personal tablet installed with a complete PADI Library App. The tablet is filled with the latest PADI Touch products, most current PADI Instructor Manual, Prescriptive Lesson Guides and Project AWARE materials. Using the tablet makes your preparation for your IDC and IE more efficient and convenient.

Besides the digital PADI Library on the tablets we have a full range of PADI paper manuals available for use during the IDC. So you can leave your PADI materials at home and save yourself the travel weight!

Both resorts have dedicated IDC classrooms with WiFi, air conditioning, large SMART TV’s, whiteboards, PADI materials, ample table space and power sockets. The classrooms are exclusively used by IDC candidates during the IDC giving you a sanctuary to study and prepare your teaching assignments.

Both resorts have EFRI training equipment including adult and infant mannequins equipped with Bluetooth, AED’s, Emergency Oxygen and first aid supplies.

Confined Water

Both resorts have training pools designed with diving in mind giving you varying depths to be able to successfully complete all your confined water skills. Two out of three IE’s are held at our resorts, so this gives you the advantage of being able to practice and feel comfortable during the exams.

Liquid and Atmosphere also have relaxation pools for recreational swimming and sunbathing.

Open Water

Our Open Water sites are located just on our doorstep. You can walk straight into the water on our house reefs. No traveling time to far away dive sites but instead save your time to prepare for your teaching presentations. Plus this gives you the advantage of prepared CESA lines, surface support stations, lack of boat traffic inside the marine sanctuaries and easy access. Two out of three IE’s are held on our house reef, so again you know where to position your class for optimum control.

We encourage you to bring your own equipment however we still have a wide selection of rental equipment. Besides this we have surface support stations, Emergency Oxygen and First Aid facilities, in-house compressors and nitrox fill stations.


Atmosphere has a large bangka boat and two speedboats dedicated to diving, all with emergency oxygen, first aid, surface rescue facilities and marine radios.

Liquid has a bangka boat, a smaller flatboat and a dedicated dive jeep all with emergency oxygen, first aid, surface rescue facilities and marine radios.

Before or after your IDC you can hop on one of our boats for dive trips to Apo Island or explore the amazing shore diving of Dauin with your 10 FREE FUN DIVES!

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