IDC Packages

IDC Package

There are many components to professional dive education, especially with regards to the IDC, as such we don’t offer multiple IDC packages as we feel that each of our candidates deserve the best IDC program available.

For this reason we offer only one program which we feel incorporates all the necessary key components to give you the best possible PADI Instructor Development Course in the Philippines. Our IDC & EFRI program including materials costs Php 102,500 and includes all of the following:

  • IDC – 11 days
  • EFRI – 2 days
  • IDC & EFR Instructor Course Crewpacks
  • FREE IDC Preparation course – 3 days
  • FREE Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor Course (PADI application fee not included)
  • FREE Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty Instructor Course (PADI application fee not included)
  • FREE Project AWARE Specialty Instructor Rating (no additional PADI fees required)
  • FREE Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor Rating (no additional PADI fees required)
  • FREE Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor Rating (no additional PADI fees required)
  • FREE 10 fun dive package including sanctuary fees (terms & conditions apply)
  • Adaptive Techniques Workshop (Specialty Instructor Course available at additional costs)
  • Equipment Maintenance Workshop for Apeks & Aqualung with official certificate
  • Job Placement and Assistance Program with CV Clinic
  • Dive Centre Management Program
  • Marine Research Introduction Program
  • Two weeks Learn to Teach Program
  • Dive Theory Study Program with custom designed study materials, practice exams and the 2019 updated skill demonstration video
  • Use of a personal tablet for the duration of the IDC with all the latest PADI materials
  • Daily transfers between Atmosphere and Liquid during IDC program, IE & MSDT
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, water, cookies, fruits and snacks during Preparation days, EFRI & IDC
  • IDP T-shirt, cap, Dive Against Debris bag and stationary kit
  • All sanctuary fees during your IDC and IE
  • Discounts at both Liquid and Atmosphere bar & restaurants and dive shop
  • Instructor Examination party including food & drinks

If you already hold the EFRI rating please let us know and we will adjust the program price to reflect this.

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Are there any extra expenses?

2020 PADI Fees

All PADI must be paid directly to PADI via credit card:

  • $280 AUD – IDC Application Fee
  • $975 AUD – Instructor Exam Fee
  • $193 AUD – EFR Instructor Application Fee
  • $111 AUD – Specialty Instructor Application Fees per specialty (discounted rate when conducting Specialty Instructor Training with a PADI Course Director)

These rates are set by PADI and as such change slightly annually.

Specialty Instructor Courses

Php 6,000/Specialty

If you strive to make the most out of your dive career than you need to be able to teach the courses that your students are interested in. Not only will you be more marketable as an instructor but you will be able to teach more of what you love. Being confident in teaching specialties is a fantastic way to start you dive career. These courses are scheduled following the IDC. We recommend taking the MSDT for a special package deal!

Specialty Course Options

Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation Program (MSDT)

Php 16,000

If you want to give yourself every advantage in the industry you can really hit the ground running by working towards becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. In our MSDT Preparation Program you will earn an additional four Specialty Instructor ratings including Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep, Drift and Night Specialty Instructor. Explore the critters in Dauin and the amazingly healthy coral reefs of world-renowned marine sanctuary Apo Island! This program packages several Specialty Instructor ratings at a reduced price and is scheduled following the IDC. Add the complimentary Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Instructor and you’ve got all ratings you’ll need to start applying once you’ve hit 25 certifications.

Learn to Teach Program – additional weeks

Php 5,000/week

We offer all our IDC candidates the option to gain hands on work experience through our unique Learn to Teach Program. Candidates have the opportunity to work alongside our experienced instructors in two very different resort environments. The first two weeks are complimentary, but for those wishing to extend their time and gain even more experience through this unique opportunity, additional weeks can be added.

Institute for Marine Research

Research Assistant Internship or Fellowship

Instructor Development Philippines can offer you a unique opportunity to combine your IDC with a Marine Research Assistant Internship or Fellowship. With IDP and our sister company Institute for Marine Research (IMR) you can experience the highest level of Instructor Development Courses, mixed with the most cutting edge training in Marine Conservation Science. As a graduated Instructor from IDP you will continue your education at IMR. Not only will you gain the ability to function in a research capacity, you will become a member of the Institutes dive team with the opportunity to lead dive courses in three different professional environments. This program is for motivated individuals who wish to make a dramatic step in their career, and become leading professionals in the world of diving and marine conservation science.

Institute for Marine Research

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