Job Placement Assistance Program

We at IDP have employed many of our own candidates over the years; after all if we teach the best then we want the best to work for us. Both Atmosphere and Liquid prefer to hire candidates that we have trained through IDP. We also utilize a number of freelance instructors in the area who are exclusively our instructor candidates.

Over the years IDP has gained a good reputation for training outstanding instructors. As such we have many colleagues within the industry who reach out to us when they are searching for new instructors to employ. Many of our previous candidates have found full time work within this region and the country through our diving network. And several now own or manage dive centers in the Philippines and around the world.

Working as a PADI Pro is a fantastic way of life and with so many job opportunities out there it is important to find a position that you enjoy. A resort will look for an instructor that fits with their existing team and an instructor should look for a resort that they feel happy working within. During this program we will help you create your first diving CV and cover letter. Help you navigate the PADI Pro employment page as well as similar websites and other resources, and help you read between the lines of the job offers out there. Additionally we can help you network within the dive industry by drawing upon our teams extensive and experienced contacts.

But most importantly we have designed our own job board where our candidates can post their CV’s and write up a little blog about themselves. This webpage is advertised on social media and given out to our contacts in the industry.

Dive Center Management Program

We offer all our IDC candidates a two day Dive Center Management Program. This is scheduled after the completion of your IDC. During this program you will spend one day working at the dive center at Liquid and one day working at the dive center at Atmosphere, shadowing their management and dive staff team. Take a peek behind the curtain at how two busy CDC Dive Resorts operate. Gain an appreciation as to how different clients affect the daily function and operation of a dive center. Learn how to set schedules, liaise with customers, allocate dive sites and organize courses and how to manage a dive center within a busy fully functioning dive resort. This real world exposure to the dive industry will better prepare you for your first job by providing you with a broader work experience base and it looks great on your CV.

Learn to Teach Program

We offer all our IDC candidates the option to gain hands on experience though our two to four week Learn to Teach program. The first two weeks are complimentary and thus we recommend you to take part in this. This unique program offers you the opportunity to work alongside our experienced dive instructors in two very different resort environments. Certify your first students under the guidance of our experienced team and figure out the intricacies of how to set up actual PADI courses.

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