IDC Staff Instructor Packages

IDC Staff Instructor Packages

During the IDC Staff Instructor Course you will audit the entire IDC at a reduced rate. Our IDC Staff Instructor Course costs Php 25,000 and includes all of the following:

  • Audit of the IDC – 10 days
  • Job Placement and Assistance Program
  • Dive Centre Management Program
  • Dive Theory Study Program with custom designed study materials and exams
  • Use of a personal tablet for the duration of the IDC with all the latest PADI materials
  • Daily transfers between Atmosphere and Liquid during IDC program, IE & MSDT
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, water, cookies, fruits and snacks during Preparation days, EFRI & IDC
  • IDP T-shirt, cap, Dive Against Debris bag and stationary kit
  • All sanctuary fees during your IDC and IE
  • Discounts at both Liquid and Atmosphere bar & restaurants and dive shop
  • Instructor Examination party including food & drinks

Are there any extra expenses?

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Materials

In order to evaluate candidate presentations you will need the PADI Course Director Manual (digital or paper version) as well as the Confined Water Presentation Evaluation slate and the Open Water Presentation Evaluation slate. If you do not have the Skill Evaluation Slate yet, please note you will need to acquire this as well. We can of course order the IDC Staff Instructor Materials for you at approximately Php 20,000 depending on the current exchange rate.

Please let us know in advance if you will be requiring materials.


All PADI must be paid directly to PADI via credit card:

  • $173 AUD – IDC Staff Instructor Application Fee

These rates are set by PADI and as such change slightly annually.

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